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Botanique Workshop, Tottenham Court Road, London

Botanique Workshop, Hackney, London

Botanique Workshop, Exmouth Market, London

Oh Curio, Oakham, Leicestershire

Eight Church Square, Market Harborough, Leicestershire

ÒR, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Modern Painters, New Decorators, Loughborough, Leicestershire

We Are, Leicester

Perfectly Formed, Chilwell, Nottingham

Thistle & Weeds, Shrewsbury

The Shop at Sneinton Market, Nottingham

Simply Salvaged Interiors, The Heart of the Shires, Northampton 

No. 56, Kibworth, Leicestershire

Past events

Studio NL Pop Up & Hustle, 3rd December 2017

MPND Projects Winter Shop, November-December 2017

Stock my stuff?

If you are interested in a stocking my work (existing or a bespoke collection), or would like to see my wholesale prices, just drop me an email.